Everything You Need To Know About 2022 Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm operation principle has been a total mystery for a long time, and trying to get on top of it was mostly based on guessing and trial & fail process. 

Although this has changed after Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri explained it in a video posted on his Twitter account. 

It seems that currently, the most important factors that affect what users see in their IG feeds are: 

  • Post’s popularity indicators – how many people clicked like, where it was located, what its duration was (if it was a video) 
  • How frequently the user interacted with the account in the past
  • How many posts the user has liked
  • User’s engagement with the accounts’ other content

We strongly suggest watching the whole video, it might really help you understand the social platform better and have your communication start yielding better results!

Watch his video below…

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Paul Fakayejo

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